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On 15 Sep 2023, BlockBolt's innovative payment protocol was demonstrated at a dedicated kiosk in SuiBuilderHouse, Singapore

Over 250 orders processed smoothly

Zero glitches, Zero waiting time

Lightning-fast transactions

Smiles all around

Blockbolt Stories: Real Experiences from Our Community

Experience the power of BlockBolt: Lightning-quick transactions, unbeatable POS confirmation, and the assurance of blockchain.

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1:19 PM · Sep 15, 2023

Free egg tart from testing the @blockboltpay payment at @SuiNetwork dev house

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7:52 PM · Sep 15, 2023

Who says crypto can't be use in real life? We recently used @blockboltpay to buy some

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2:27 PM · Sep 16, 2023

We met with Greg Siourouni, the Managing Director of @SuiFoundation, to discuss

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10:18 PM · Sep 17, 2023

Thanks @blockboltpay for providing yummy bakeries in #SuiBuilderHouse. Happy to

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8:52 AM · Sep 19, 2023

The experience seems to be just like UPI. @blockboltpay will become the revolution

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9:02 AM · Sep 21, 2023

The #SuiBuilderHouse has been completed in #Singapore. The #Blockbolt

Happy Memories

The showcased instances are merely a glimpse into the vast potential of the payment protocol across diverse settings. Explore more demos for a broader perspective.